Republican nominee for Nye County Commission, District 3

Veteran, U.S. Army Reserve

Small business owner

J.D., Northwestern California University School of Law

For too long, Pahrump has been known for corrupt government. We have 3 elected officials who have been found guilty of ethics violations in just the past few years.

This corruption holds us back from having a safe and functional town.

Help me clean up our parks, remove homeless from our streets, better fund police and fire, and make Pahrump a safer place with more jobs and opportunity.

Ian Bayne

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My priorities as your commissioner

About Me

I’ve been a small business owner and real estate appraiser since 2003. I’ve also held jobs as a SAG/AFTRA voiceover talent, morning radio talk show host, and journalist at the same time.

Later in life I earned my J.D. in law in order to pursue my passion of First Amendment Free Speech protection.

Preserving traditional values and our western culture is very important to me.

My political experience has gone back 26 years. In my mid-twenties, I founded a PAC that was chartered by the Massachusetts State Republican Party to assist campaigns for local level candidates, from municipal candidates to the state legislature.

The first (and only) political job, outside of running my PAC, was as the communications director for Jack Robinson, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate facing Senator Ted Kennedy in 2000. Shortly after, I was appointed by Mitt Romney to serve his campaign for governor in 2002.

In 2016, I assisted the Cruz for president campaign, and in 2020, I directly worked with the Trump campaign. I also founded No Mask Nevada in 2020 to protest the mask mandate that shut down our entire Nevada economy.

I had a morning political talk show in Bloomington Illinois from 2014-2016, on both WRPW 92.9 and WWHP 98.3, and I wrote for BizPac Review and Conservative Tribune as a journalist around that time, as well as contributing to ClashDaily.

From 2010 to 2014, I did commercial voiceovers for brands like Navistar, Yum!, Blackberry, MB financial, Bayer, Valspar, Corrs, and Discover.

I served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard from 1997-2000 and the U.S. Army Reserve from 2000-2003.

Growing up very poor, I got into trouble as a teenager and made bad decisions after being relocated to an urban environment. Even though I haven’t had legal problems since I was 19-years-old, I still remember how easy it is for young people to find themselves in trouble when there’s no opportunity or jobs. I see Pahrump transforming into the same kind of urban nightmare that I grew up in, and I refuse to let that happen as your commissioner.

My family is originally from Tennessee, and I’m only the second generation not to be born on a farm. I’m a Christian who believes in the inerrancy of scripture. I also believe very strongly in setting an example in accordance with the Apostle Paul’s instructions to Timothy (1 Tim 4) as well as Jesus in the Book of John, by behaving ethically and with moral standards that exceed expectations.

My wife Carolyn is a dental hygienist here in Pahrump, and we’ve been happily married since 2011.