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Veteran, U.S. Army Reserve

Small Business Owner

J.D., Northwestern California University School of Law

Ian Bayne picture

Priorities as your commissioner

Stop local corruption, investigate corruption
New restaurants and places to shop on Rt. 160/372
Remove homeless from Pahrump to places that can better care for them
More police on our streets, better pay for police
No “tiny homes” and no homeless camps
Better funding for sheriff’s department and fire department
Protect water rights
No low income housing projects
Fix our streets

Why I’m running for District 3 Nye County Commission

I’m passionate about preserving our western culture and traditional values. I do not like some of the government’s recent efforts that would “urbanize” Pahrump, and will fight to keep our wildlife, views, and what is left of our water rights.

We have a culture of corruption here in Nye County that has to stop. In just the past few years, we’ve had a district attorney, county treasurer, and county commissioner guilty of ethics violations. Our past Nye County Republican Party chairman was arrested for impersonating a police officer while in office, and our current Nye County Republican Party chairman has faced 3 criminal trials as a defendant, been arrested twice, and convicted of an ethics violation, all since 2020 – and he is endorsing one of my opponents.

This election is not about me. This is about the future of Pahrump.

Do we keep things the same, with the same level of corruption, dysfunction, few places to shop or restaurants, higher crime because of low paid police, and more homeless shelters and aid to homeless to attract them from Las Vegas or California – or not.

It’s very simple.

As a Christian, I believe in living as consistently with biblical instruction as I can. This means a separation between my faith and government service, as according to Romans 13 and Matthew 22. I do not treat people differently based on faith or beliefs, but I will do anything in my power to bring order to government and stop bad actors from abusing authority.

I am very passionate about the First Amendment’s free speech as well as the entire constitution and the protections that are built into it. I look at government as something that is naturally in opposition to our freedom, and understand that the constitution is a valuable tool that must be preserved in order to prevent tyranny.

Growing up poor, I got into trouble as a teenager. Because of this, I can see how our combative culture and lack of values is affecting our children. As your commissioner, I would like to launch a program to help kids who are struggling with legal problems and need to be put on the right track.

We need more places to go for kids – and adults. We need restaurants like Chili’s, Applebee’s, or Cracker Barrel. We need more places to shop and more entertainment. As your commissioner, I will work very hard to make this happen. We can place more commercial development along Rt 160 and Rt 372 without affecting our rural environment.

I believe strongly that we need more sheriff’s deputies patrolling our streets and that these deputies have to be compensated better. Crime is on the rise because good sheriff’s deputies are leaving because our commission won’t pay them the same level as competing jurisdictions. There are all kinds of grant programs available to us to fund police without raising taxes, but these grants always seem to go towards homeless handouts or other urbanization efforts. We should be constantly attempting to find ways to better fund our police and fire.

I’ve always opposed new taxes. We are being crushed by high tax rates from every possible government authority and it’s shocking when you realize how much every thing we do is taxed.

About Ian Bayne

Ian has been a small business owner for over 20 years while simultaneously working second careers as a real estate appraiser, talk show host, radio program director, political strategist, news writer, and commercial voiceover artist for the last 25 years.

In 2022, he received 40% of the vote in the Nye County Republican primary for clerk.

His career in politics began in 1998, at the age of twenty-five, when he built a 950-member political action committee as co-chairman and then chairman that was chartered by the Massachusetts Republican Party to promote candidates and Republican positions in the media.

As a radio talk show host from 2014-2016, his ratings were higher than Levin, Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh in key demographics. He was also syndicated nationally on radio stations from around 2010 until 2014 and was a voiceover artist for SAG/AFTRA, doing commercials for MB Financial, Yum!, Navistar, Coors, US Cellular, Blackberry, and many more.

An active defender of constitutional rights, he led movements like a 2001 bipartisan effort to stop a state law in Massachusetts that would allow for primary enforcement of seat belts.

After forming the ‘draft Romney’ campaign that made national news, Ian was appointed by Mitt Romney in 2002 to the Romney for Governor campaign and served briefly as Middlesex County Coordinator, while simultaneously retaining media and political activities. He retracted a request for promotion to political director when virtually the entire campaign for Governor Jane Swift, his left-leaning opponent, was brought onto the Romney campaign. At that point, Romney had moved quickly to embrace a more liberal ideology and Ian was let go from the campaign days later. Rather than continue in his role with the Republican State Committee, Ian chose to part ways with Romney and Massachusetts Republicans and relocated to Florida.

While on the radio, Ian helped U.S. Senator Ted Cruz win his listening area in Illinois for the presidential primary in 2016, even after President Trump flew his airplane into the tiny Bloomington Illinois to campaign. Ian appeared at numerous events with Cruz and endorsed him on his radio show.

Ian was at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016 as a member of the media, and he immediately got behind Trump the moment he was made the nominee.

In 2020, Ian worked directly with the Trump campaign, leading and organizing volunteers to investigate ballot fraud. This eventually led to Ian running for Nye County Clerk in 2022 as an advocate for voting reform.

Also in 2020, he formed No Mask Nevada PAC in to protest the mandatory mask mandate.

He was a member of the Nevada Republican State Committee briefly, prior to moving to Nye County.

From 1997-2003, Ian was a soldier in the Massachusetts Army National Guard as a combat engineer and the U.S. Army Reserve in both a drill sergeant and JAG unit.

He attended the University of Massachusetts at Boston and earned a J.D. in law from Northwestern California University School of Law in 2022 and passed the bar exam in 2023.

His wife Carolyn is a dental hygienist in Pahrump and they have been married since 2011. Ian and Carolyn live in the winery area with their pets.

Ian is a Christian and believes in the inerrancy of scripture.

CLICK HERE – find out where is Nye County District 3

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz called Ian Bayne

a “strong voice for freedom”

(hear Ted Cruz here)

Breitbart Editor Mike Flynn (2009-2016)

said Ian is a “rare talent”


“There are lots of talkers and scribblers out

there, but very few warriors. Ian is a warrior”

Contact Ian

Phone: 775-419-6888

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