Stop Homeless

Pahrump is not equipped to handle a large homeless population. We don’t have enough police and we don’t have enough ambulances.

This commission has advocated homeless shelters, “tiny homes” that could house homeless, and even suggested that a new civic center being built in Pahrump could house homeless people in an emergency situation. These are terrible ideas that need to be stopped.

It is not humane to attract homeless people to Pahrump because we cannot handle their needs. There’s been an effort by the commission to attract – and even advertise services to – homeless people from other areas.

We need to proactively discourage this, as well as any growth of the homeless population.

The humane thing to do is to remove unlawful homeless camps and hangouts, inform landowners when there have been takeovers of homes or land by homeless people, and do whatever it takes to remove homeless people to a place that can better care for them.

I’m not advocating pulling the plug on any current services. I just feel it necessary to stop increasing programs and outreach to homeless.

The only kind of outreach to homeless that we should be engaging in as a government is to inform them how to find another place that is more suitable for their needs and how to get there.

We have a large elderly population in Pahrump and need what little medical care and ambulances that we have to be focused on servicing this population.

We can barely provide services to the population that we have paying tax.