Stop Corruption

In the just the past election cycle, we had 3 county elected officials found guilty of ethics violations: D.A., Treasurer, Commissioner.

This is indisputable proof that we have a problem.

Though none of these people are still elected, the culture of corruption is still here.

As your commissioner, I will work hard to rebuild trust between our government and citizens.

The process of finding and stopping corruption is one of thoroughness. It’s necessary for a review of all communication, spending, and taxation in order to properly identify what is going on.

Aside from this, there are two ways to do this that I’m very passionate about that can start immediately.

#1 Public Hearings

I will personally review any and all complaints of public corruption and hold hearings if necessary so that the public can see what is going on.

I do not want to weaponize government as a slander machine, so all accusations will not be public – but accusations that have credible evidence should let this evidence be explored, sent to the correct law enforcement, and have public hearings held if necessary.

#2 No More Appointments

We currently have a county commissioner, a county clerk, and a state assemblyman who was originally appointed to their position. These are elected offices – not appointed offices.

While it’s understandable that when a candidate dies, like in the case of our assemblyman, a replacement is appointed, this is not always the case.

For example, our clerk was appointed in order to give him an electoral advantage and win an election.

We should be holding special elections in almost every situation that requires replacing an elected official. Because that’s why these people are elected. The people should decide, not our government.

When it’s not economical to hold an election, government should appoint a person who agrees not to run for re-election.

For example, if someone resigns as commissioner, the replacement should be a person who agrees only to fill the remainder of that term. This person should not run again because they will be doing so with the advantage of running as an incumbent.