National Issues

Immigration/Border Control

We must take every step possible to secure our borders. To have closed borders should not be controversial. This is common sense. Aside from the criminal element and the lack of accountability, illegal immigration leads to a tremendous cost to taxpayers and is a dangerous threat. Additionally, importing so many people from other places in the world leads to a destruction of our identity and system of government here in the United States.

Ballot Fraud

There is ballot fraud. To send blank ballots by mail all over America based on poor or substandard data is, at best, an invitation for fraud. During the 2020 election, I worked with the Trump campaign and discovered dozens of mail-in-ballots sitting in open areas and near trashcans. The fact that this is not investigated or prosecuted does not mean fraud does not exist.


God gives life (Psalm 139:13) and I do not believe in taking life under abortion.

Social Agendas

I do not believe that teachers and schools should be teaching morals or ethics to children, beyond teaching basic concepts of law.


I am opposed to all tax increases at all times for all reasons. Government has too much of our money and can easily cut spending but chooses not to.

2nd Amendment

I believe in the right to carry (“bear”) weapons for the intended purpose that caused the Framers to put this in our constitution, which is for protection from government. This logically infers the right to protection from a criminal element.

Free Speech

Preserving the First Amendment’s free speech is a passion of mine and led me to attend law school in my late forties.

President Trump

I believe that President Trump will win re-election in 2024 and I will be voting for him for president as I did in 2016.