More Police

We need more sheriff’s deputies in Pahrump. With a growing population, we become a target for criminals because our sheriff’s department is underfunded.

Because of this, we have lower salaries and we don’t have enough people to fill these positions.

This means longer wait times for calls and crime goes unnoticed. All because we have not properly funded the sheriff’s department.

It also makes it dangerous for our deputies. There are fewer options of “backup” for dangerous situations, and problems may escalate during extended wait times for response.

I believe in law and order. One of the highest priorities as your commissioner is to protect the safety of our citizens.

Your commission has failed you by funding other things. Over $1 million was passed recently to build a civic center.

We need more patrols, more detectives, and better salary so that we can keep deputies in place for a longer time.

With high turnover, we lose not only experienced people but also people who understand our community and the criminals who violate it.