Explaining the Duck Dynasty Rosa Parks Controversy of 2013

In 2013, I made a statement that I didn’t find particularly controversial: that Phil Robertson is the Rosa Parks of our generation.

I quickly found myself the target of the DailyMail, HuffPost, and many others.

The controversy was over a popular reality television star and his being told by a major network not to exercise his Christian faith on television. He made a statement that he would not set his faith aside, and it appeared that the network was willing to cancel him or his show because of this.

Thought-provoking commentary that is designed to make people think is just as much an enemy of the state as free speech.

My complimentary commentary on Rosa Parks taking a stand against racism, compared to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson taking a stand against discrimination of religious freedom, was offensive because it caused people to think about freedom of speech, religious freedom, and how the common enemy is the state.

This was the beginning of what is commonly referred to as the “cancel culture” today, and we should learn from this that yesterday’s ridiculous ideas are tomorrow’s concrete plans for those who wish to destroy our constitutional freedom and our self-governing.